? One fist of soil | Project

Public plaza for communication

plaza will be a public scene for artists and people who want to interact directly with other people

It is no one’s land, and everyone’s land. I ask all people around the world to send me one first of their soil. it is no matter if other people from your country, your city or even your family member send their soil, cause it is not about where you are! Still it's your personal piece of land that you share. I want that You send me the soil that you feel most attached to. The soils will be mixed together on a 1 sqm. conceret public stage. It is just the begining of the project and will take place in Linz-Austria. But The project can go further, as we can build this piece of land in all countries and have a one land in common. As much as I get soils, I can build another piece in new place! send me your soil! and please don't hasitate to contact me for any question.

Send me your soil

Let's build a land together


8.th June 2018

Linz, Altes Rathaus
Hauptpl. 1, 4041 Linz